About Larry Quartley

I was born in a Hertfordshire town: a stone’s throw from North London - the place where much of my teenage life was spent. After leaving school I found to my horror that sleepwalking through the latter stages of school life hadn’t been such a good idea. Soon realising I needed the education system much more than it had needed me. So time spent at the local college and Polytechnic followed. From the 1980s I worked for a blue-chip Pharmaceutical company: where I ended up as Head of Operations for their UK business.

But here’s the thing, I’d always wanted to write - crime fiction - and wrote two books in any spare time I had. Sadly, both were rejected by the agents I sent them to. When the company decided to relocate: I took the redundancy package on offer and began reading widely, and writing daily. So here I am after all this time - back walking around the same, sometimes hard edged and mean streets of my youth. CLOSURE is the first in the Detective Zachary Taylor series - I hope you enjoy the read and join me on the journey... 

Closure - Out Now